Goodrich to Goodrich Cycle Challenge 2019

Woohoo! They are off!

This morning, just before 11:30, 13 intrepid Goodrich dads left to take on a two-day cycling challenge like no other! They’ll be pedalling a MASSIVE 350km (or 217 miles in old money) all the way from Goodrich Castle in Herefordshire back to our very own Goodrich School.

Goodrich Fun Run 2019

Huge congratulations to each and everyone of the runners, you were all brilliant! All of the money raised goes to Friends of Goodrich school projects, to directly benefit all children at Goodrich.

Parent Comment: ‘Just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday, it was fantastic! Brilliantly organised, I loved its environmentally respectful approach and the atmosphere was beautiful…a community of people celebrating health and well being. It conveys a strong message to our children about fitness, personal achievement and being part of a community.’ 

Reception Outdoor Area Facelift Continues!

Year 4 Visit to Royal Festival Hall

Royal Festival Hall.jpg

On Tuesday 7th May, Year 4 visited the Royal Festival Hall to take part in a performance with the London Philharmonic orchestra.

The children learned about the different instruments and heard music by Benjamin Britten.

Lewis in class 13 said that he enjoyed singing ‘Heave Ho’ which was sung by all the schools attending.

Asa in class 15 favourite instrument was the French Horn because it had a very emotive sound.

Oliver from class 14 liked it when he had to close his eyes and imagine he was at sea.

Sensory Garden (big thank you to FoG!)

Nursery have set up a wonderful sensory garden outside Bumblebee Room, courtesy of FoG.

London Marathon success!

We are pleased to report that all our runners finished the London Marathon last Sunday and are proud owners of a fabulous medal. Tina Gettrup, mum of Aurora in Class 16,  Phil Dawkins, Dad of Sophia in class 24, and Liz Stuart, Class 9 teacher, all finished and were very grateful for all the support along the way. Well done to all the runners. Let's hope their legs are back to normal by now!

The Great Fire of London

Year 2 classes spent the end of last week constructing Tudor style houses to use in their History unit on The Great Fire of London. They used cardboard boxes, paper and paint and had the help from some amazing parent volunteers! The houses will be used to bring to life the events of The Great Fire of London to help inspire our children to become amazing actors in the coming weeks.

Some photos from this week’s Forest Schools

Year 4 visit from Jenny Dawkins(Associate Vicar All Saints Church, Peckham).

This was organised by the team, to help children increase their knowledge and understanding about Easter, as they are studying Christianity in RE.

Year 3 (Class 6) Math Lesson - Making nets of 3-d shapes

Year 6 African Drumming Lessons

Class 27 bringing joy, rhythm and positivity to our Friday!

Year 1 Trip to V&A Museum of Childhood

On Wednesday Year 1 had a great time at the V&A Museum of Childhood. As part of their literacy topic, Lost in the Toy Museum, they searched for toys they could find from the story including Bunting the main character.

Year 4 (Class 15) Science - developing observation skills.

Class 15 simulating stomachs with zippy bags (stomach), crackers (food) and orange juice (stomach acid). They manipulated them to re-create the natural movement of the stomach. Then observed what happened. The children loved it!

Year 4 (Class 15) Science

On Wednesday (20th March), class 15 took a walk through the digestive system to help improve their understanding about how food travels through our body.


Class 15

Our digestive system.

Year 5 Music Trip (Monday 18th March)



Year 5 trip to Dreamtime Tales with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. They took part in a participatory concert about Captain Cook and aborigine folklore.

Year 5 (Class 18) Art

Spring 2 Topic: Making Victorian Houses from Clay.

Upper KS2 Singing Assembly - Tuesday 19th March

Class 25 (Year 1) Participating in Kung Fu Lessons

Class 27 (Year 6) African Drumming

Each class in Year 6 take part in African Drumming lessons for a term. Here are some pictures of class 27 taking part last Friday.

Red Nose Day 2019 at Goodrich

Health & Fitness Club - 14th March

After 30mins of exercise we focused on learning more about our body organs and their special job.

Year 2 Science

In Year 2 the children are developing the core scientific skills of observation and investigation. This week they have been observing and describing how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants.

Year 2 Computing

In Year 2 the children are learning how to program a sequence of instructions. This term they have been developing their coding skills with the help of volunteer parent, Paul Higgins.

KS1 Drama Workshop - 12th March 2019.

The children took part in a Perform drama, dance and singing workshop. The children became superheroes and learned to save the planet by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Photos from our ‘Read2Dogs’ Programme

World Book Day - 7th March 2019

Years 1&2 Athletics results

Year 1 2 Athletics.jpg


Congratulations, well done!

Egg-citing times

Our Reception children have been looking after some hens’ eggs. The chicks have begun to hatch, which the children are very excited about.

Year 5 Visit to Gurdwara Temple

Year 5.jpg


As part of the Year 5 RE unit on Sikhism, they were invited to visit the Sikh Gurdwara Temple in East Dulwich last week. They had a very interesting afternoon as they heard about the beliefs and rules that Sikhs live their lives by.

Happy Chinese New Year!

This week, we have been celebrating the Year of the Pig by making lanterns, trying on traditional costumes, tasting some authentic food and having a go at Chinese calligraphy.

Forest School

Our Allotment & How we use the produce

Nethercott Year 5 Residential Trip

25th - 31st January 2019 - Farms for City Children

Forest School

Forest School

Post Sunday Lunch Walk!

Post Sunday Lunch Walk!

Cooking Activity.

Cooking Activity.

Michael Morpurgo’s visit at Bridgetown Farm!

Michael Morpurgo’s visit at Bridgetown Farm!

Arethusa Year 3 Residential Trip

25th - 31st January 2019

Choir sing for veterans

The choir visited Millwall to entertain the veterans and Chelsea pensioners with Christmas Carols at their annual Christmas lunch. They performed superbly, spread much good cheer and had a tour of the Millwall facilities. They also heard a first hand account of the D- day landings from Fred, who served in the Parachute Regiment in WWII.

The choir visited Millwall to entertain the veterans and Chelsea pensioners with Christmas Carols at their annual Christmas lunch. They performed superbly, spread much good cheer and had a tour of the Millwall facilities. They also heard a first hand account of the D- day landings from Fred, who served in the Parachute Regiment in WWII.

Year 4 Football Festival Winners



Congratulations team!

Year Two Trip to the Royal Festival Hall

Year 2 Trip.jpg

Year 2

The Year Two children were invited to the Royal Festival Hall to watch the Brightsparks concert of ‘The Highway Rat’. The children sang their hearts out and enjoyed being part of the performance.

Tag Rugby!

Girls Rugby.jpg

Well done!

On Friday saw us travelling to Burgess Park for the last competition of the week, Tag Rugby!

UKSA September 2018 - Year 6 Residential Trip on The Isle Of Wight